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2014 CTFIA Mid-Year Conference - Fire Plans Examiner

When: June 24, 25 and 26, 2014

Where: Pflugerville Hall, 203 E Pecan Street Pflugerville, Texas 78660

Instructor: Frank C. Morris, CBO, CEAP, MCP

Mr. Morris is a noted speaker who has more than 41 years experience in the construction industry as a contractor, building official and con- sultant. Although he is not a practic- ing Building Official, Mr. Morris re- mains current with his CBO, CEAP, MCP designations. He is still one of the top certified Building Official in the United States. He has taught for SBCCI and ICC and also provides consulting services to the construc- tion industry.

Registration Fee: 

Members - $300.00
Non Members - $330.00

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REGISTER EARLY -  Class is limited to 25 students.  Registration and payment are required prior to attendance.


The Central Texas Fire Investigators Association is a not for profit organization dedicated to protecting the public from the element of harm caused by the unsolicited act of "ARSON".

The Goal of the association is to provide a means of coordinating information on techniques and methods to improve the investigative process.  The association also hopes to raise the awareness of the public through education programs addressing the impact of fire and arson on society.

The Association has Four Major Organizational Objectives:
  1. To promote local and international uniformity of fire-investigation
  2. To provide a forum in which persons interested in the prevention, control, and suppression of fires, explosions, and hazardous materials incidents can exchange methods of improved safety and ideas
  3. To provide a forum for the advancement of investigating techniques through schools and training
  4. To ensure the membership of numerous professional development seminars for a nationally recognized credential that attests to knowledge of investigating fires.



30 public and private investigators from Texas, Louisiana and Canada attended the first ever "Training Event" hosted by CTFIA. The class, "Wildland Origin and Cause Determination (FI-210)" was held November 26-30 at the Texas Tech University Campus in Junction, TX. Texas A&M Forest Service and Texas Parks and Wildlife provided burn plots nearby at the South Llano River State Park. Investigators learned wildland skills and tricks of the trade from FLETC senior instructor of wildland fire investigation Mike Heath and unit instructor Jonathan Calore. Legal aspects, as well as assistance with field training, was provided by FLETC senior instructor legal division Judge Bruce Landrum. Graduates received certificates from TFS, TEEX and FLETC.


CTFIA  Gets Clarification  from  TCEQ

In an April 20, 2010 email CTFIA president Wayne Ellington contacted TCEQ on behalf of CTFIA and requested clarification on the definition of "Burn Period".  

On May 18, 2010 TCEQ responded with the following guidance:

“The burn period is anytime that outdoor burning is taking place. According to 30 TAC 101.1(74) Outdoor burning is "any fire or smoke-producing process that is not conducted in a combustion unit." Therefore the burn period is the period that any fire or smoke is produced.”

Speaking in response to the TCEQ statement, President Ellington said “As you can see, TCEQ agrees with us and considers the burn period to be when the fire was started. This ruling will assist us with enforcing the predicted wind rule.”

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