Welcome to Central Texas Fire Investigators Association

The Central Texas Fire Investigators Association is a not for profit organization dedicated to protecting the public from the element of harm caused by the unsolicited act of "ARSON".

The Goal of the association is to provide a means of coordinating information on techniques and methods to improve the investigative process.  The association also hopes to raise the awareness of the public through education programs addressing the impact of fire and arson on society.

The Association has Four Major Organizational Objectives:
  1. To promote local and international uniformity of fire-investigation
  2. To provide a forum in which persons interested in the prevention, control, and suppression of fires, explosions, and hazardous materials incidents can exchange methods of improved safety and ideas
  3. To provide a forum for the advancement of investigating techniques through schools and training
  4. To ensure the membership of numerous professional development seminars for a nationally recognized credential that attests to knowledge of investigating fires.

Training Session at our 2016 CTFIA Annual Conference in Seguin, Texas
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